Name : Jacotey
First name : Alizee  
Nickname : Her friends call her "Lili", her father "Titiou".
Date of birth  : 21.08.1984
Birthplace : Ajaccio / Corsica
Sign of zodiac : Lion
State : Married
Husband  : Jrmy Chatelain
Wedding day : 06.11.2003
Wedding place : Las Vegas
Nationality : French
Place of residence : Ajaccio / Paris
Height : 1,61 m
Weight : 45 Kg 
Shoe size : 37
Colour of hair: Dark brown / Black coloured
Colour of eyes : Dark brown
Character :   
Rather reasonable and very shy, always happy, very romantic, charming, humorous, nice ("Im always nice"), generous ("My parents say, that Im nearly too generous"), very curiously, can become easily jealous in the love, wants always be right ("Im much too curious. I'm too jealous what boys concerns. In addition I want always be right"), very superstitious, she doesn't like surprises ("Me, who has a horror of surprises...") and likes leading the people a dance. 
Private life :                                                  
Is very silent what her private life concerns. However she has a husband and a 55m2 apartment in Paris ("It has a large kitchen in American style with a large bar and bar stools, then the apartment has still a bedroom, a living room and a bathroom. Everywhere except in the kitchen I have parquet. All rooms were grey painted, but I painted each room in another colour."), but she lives probably nevertheless still in Ajaccio at her family,
where she has a big pink and white painted room with 
a big high bed.
Her parents :  Her father is a computer scientist, her mother was a bussinesman ( has given up her job to support Alizee at the beginning of her career and to accompany her to important dates )
Brothers and sisters : One brother  ( Johann / 14 Years )
Hobbies : Dancing ( Jazz, Classic, Spanish, ballet, Step-dance, Flamenco...), singing, acting, shopping ( Clothes ) and recently boxing.
Allergy : Pumpkins and Cucumbers
Favourite food : Chinese
Favourite drink : Coca Cola
Pets : Since her 18. birthday a Yorkshire called Topaz, and since an interview on Fun TV goldfish. She has/had a cat calles Islam and a Labrador.
Favourites subject in schooltimes : Maths, Physic, Chemistry and of course Music
Foreign language : English, a little bit Italian and Spanish
Schoolcareer : High school but then with 15 years early final examination on Secondary school and lessons on a correspondence school.
Dream job:: Choreograph  or Engineer
Awards :

- M6 Music Award

- 2x NRJ Music Award ( Best young singer 
   best website )

- World Music Award (Monaco)

- TMF Music Award (Belgium)

- Golden disc in Germany for "Moi...Lolita

- Hits FM Awards (Russia ; 19.06.2001)

- 1x Platinum in Holland for "Moi...Lolita"

- 1x Diamond in France for "Moi...Lolita"
   (1.280.000 discs  in France)       

- 1x Platinum for "L'Aliz" (572.000 discs in 

- 2x Platinum for the album "Gourmandises" (   800.000
   discs  in France)

- 1x money price for "Parler tout bas" 
   (174.000 discs in France )          

- 1x money price for "Gourmandises" ( 190.000 
   discs    in  France)

- 2x Gold for the album "Mes Courants 
   Electriques"   (230.000 discs in France)    

- 1x Gold for "J'en ai marre" (259.000 discs  in

- 1x money price for "A contre-courant"
   (100.000 discs in France)
Adress : Alizee, c/o Polydor, 22 rue des Fosss-Saint-Jaques, 75005 Paris
E-mail :
Autograph addresses :

c/o Polydor-Universal Music,
20 Rue des Fosss-Saint-Jaques,
F-75005 Paris 

c/o Polydor,
 Stralauer Allee 1,
 10245 Berlin

Female idol : Madonna
Male idol : Jonny Halliday / Robbie Williams
Favourite actor  : Brad Pitt ( Joe Black - Fight Club )
Favourite actress : Julia Roberts / Jennifer Aniston
Favourite film : The deep Blue ( from Luc Besson )
Favourite book : Le petit prince ( from Saint-Exuprie )
Shakespeare in Love
Favourite cartoon series : Sylvester and Tweety
Favourite cartoon figure : The fairy  of  "Peter Pan"
Favourite song :     Que je t'aime ( Johnny Halliday )
Favourite music video : Desenchante ( Mylne Farmer )
Own favourite song : Moi...Lolita 

Arguments :

Because by this song began her career and everything else.
Lieblingssong aus ihrem alten Album :      Lui ou Toi

Arguments :

Because she has already experienced this story.
Lieblingssong aus ihrem neuen Album : A contre-courant 

Arguments :

Because it connects a good Rythmus with a nostalgic tendency.
She likes :
Her parents ; her brother ; Chicken from her mother ; walks at the beach; shopping ; DVDs ; Bonbons and red gummy bears; Patrick Bruel ; her black Labrador ; Roses ; journeys ; surfing in the internet ; Animal toys, animals and the fairy from Peter Pan of which she collect everything possible.
She hates :
Wake up early ; snakes ; spiders ; lies ; hypocrites ; panty hose ; her former english teacher ; question about her private life ; rainy days ; rap music ( exept french ) ; the colour green, because she thinks ; ski hollidays ( since two accidents ) ; unfaithful boys and interviews ; 
She would like to have : Time to make her drivers license
Her greatest fears :
Having an accident and being paralyse or lose her eyesight ( "Two of my friends have already died, one of them had a diving accident. Things like that can always happen, no matter how you protect yourself. Diseases and the dead make me really fear" ).
Favourite animal : Dolphin
Favourite colour : Violette, Rosa, Pink, Blue
Favourite flower : Rose
Favourite series : Friends, Star Academy
Favourite sport : Soccer
Favourite footballteam : AC Ajaccio
Second favourite footballteam SC Bastia
Favourite footballteam international : Real Madrid
Favourite footballplayer : Zinedine Zidane
Favourite country : She has no favourite country, because she things, that every country has other advantages. But she has an affection to England.
Favourite sweet : Chocolate coated marshmallow teddy bears
Favourite word in English: Yes

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